1st Sex and Gender Diversity (SGD) Human Rights and Dignity Conference –Australasia. 2011 - Sydney Friday 2nd December , 2011
Redfern Community Centre, The Block, Sydney
Easy transport links
Opening speaker Norrie May-Welby

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Sex and/or gender diverse (SGD) people are made up from many differing groups including people who are intersex, transexed, transsexual, transgendered, androgynous, without sex and gender identity, cross dressers and people with sex and gender culturally specific differences. They are people who experience variations in physical presentation and social behavior that is other than stereotypically male or female. Each group may have its own physical, psychological, social, legal and political issues that may not necessarily relate to any of the other groups.

The conference is presently being organised by the Australian Sex and/or Gender Diverse Alliance (ASAGDA) a group of organisations working in coordination with each other.

Admission fees and sponsored by The Australian Health & Education Centre
Admission all day $30, unwaged $15, Government sponsored organisation $200 (up to 4 entries and may have a stall)

To book follow the steps
1/ Pay the relevant fee into this bank account.
ANZ online saver account name Tracie Frances O’Keefe. Branch Broadway ANZ Sydney. BSB number 012030. Account number 262232864. Profits from admission fees will go to a door ticket prize for a disabled SGD person. (Tracie only collects the money for the prize as this is a not for profit event.)
2/ Send to our email address a copy of the online receipt.
3/ A description of what entrance fee you are paying and for how many people.
4/ Whether you require a stall.
5/ State what workshop you are booking for and whether you are attending the opening and/or the plenary. The opening has a capacity for 100 people. In the morning there are three workshops at a time with capacity of 50 people in each workshop. In the afternoon there are two workshops at a time with a capacity of 50 people each. The plenary has a capacity for one hundred people. You can only nominate your workshop when you book and it is first served first allocated.
6/If you want to you can give us 20 words about yourself that can go into the attendance programme, including name, where you are from and why you are attending. This is optional.

Due to logistics we are unable to accept cash booking
Food and refreshment included

                                          SGD CONFERENCE 2011


Australian Health & Education Centre

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Conference Suported by the City of Sydney
"Best wishes for the conference from Lord Mayor Clover Moore"

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The conference will us the ‘ASK etiquette’. You ask people how they want to be indentified and what pronoun they would like to be addressed by
Marcelle is a women of transsexual origin from Canberra. She is an IT specialist and keen to be educated."
Tracie O’Keefe is a sexologist and specialist in sex and/or gender diverse groups of people. She is also a forty year veteran civil rights campaigner for SGD people and a co-founder of Sex And Gender education (SAGE) Australia, and author.
Norrie May-Welby was the first person in the world to get ‘sex non specific’ document change which she is still legally fighting to retain. For many years zie worked at SWOP facilitating health care for sex workers.
Katrina fox is a social welfare journalist, editor of the Scavenger, co-author of Trans-X-U-AL: The Naked difference, co-editor of finding the Real Me, Trans people in love of other books and articles on sex and/or gender divers groups of people.
Karl Hand is Pastor of Crave Metropolitan Community Church, Sydney. He is passionate and active in ministering to SGD and GBL populations. Pastor Karl Hand is the pastor of CRAVE Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), and has also been a pastor at MCC Sydney

Su Jay Kentlyn is a doctoral student at the University of Queensland and policy officer of the GBLTI Health Alliance.
Kathrine Cummings a resource information worker at the Gender Centre, Sydney freelance writer and editor, and editor of Polare.
Trish Kench is a registered mental health nurse, with a special interest in improving services for SGD groups of people.
Mish sparks is an urban Koori women who has worked in community development and health promotion.
Mathew Bowden has worked in areas of disability, sexuality and gender identity and is currently Executive Director in People with Disability Australia Leadership Team.
Mish Glitter Pony is international spokesperson for Scarlet Alliance, Australian sex workers association. She has worked with SGD youth.
Rusty Nannup is Noongar / Yatjarri identified women who works at the Gender centre, Sydney.

Russ Gluyas has been a counsellor with ACON's After Hours Counselling Program for 3 years and is currently Co-Manager of Counselling and Enhanced Care Services at ACON

Simon Maynard disabled trans guy and Consumer representative and advocate in Ballarat's Mental Health system. Looking to take the birth certificate challenge up here in Victoria

Tara Maher I am a registered Nurse specialising in sexual health and HIV I have an interest in ensuring equal health opportunities for all marginalsed groups. I am currently involved in a project screening for anal cancer in MSM

Stacy Clarke, originally from Tasmania now residing in Brisbane, recently completed my journey to my true gender. I have a very high profile within Roller Derby and am actively promoting Gender Diversity inclusion within Australia and Overseas within the sport.

Deb Broughton is a counsellor for ACON Health, has three years in the psychotherapy field, including coordinating volunteer counsellors for the After Hours Counselling Program at ACON, has worked in the field of HIV, including housing and working with volunteer carers in Community Support Network

Simon Maynard is a disabled trans guy from Victoria. Have worked in disability services and runs a charity helping kids in crisis "Bears who Care". Currently a Consumer representative and advocate in Ballarat's Mental Health system. Very interested in meeting and sharing with other people, as I live in a small rural town so I am usually isolated from this kind of thing. Looking to take Conor’s challenge up here in Victoria as I can't have a hysterectomy in the public hospital system as it's not medically necessary, and can't afford to pay for one privately

Vanessa Fuller-Lewis is a Casework Specialist with Family and Community Services, based in Strawberry Hills. She has worked within the agency for 10 years and has held various roles including Caseworker, Manager Casework, Senior Policy Officer, Senior Project Officer and Casework Specialist. In her current role she works with staff to improve the quality of casework and develop their professional skills, in order to improve outcomes for children and families.

Alex Orlino is originally from the Philippines. An animal rights activist and a social liberation activist who also believe that patriarchy is a major stumbling block for humanity in creating and building a kinder, just and compassionate world.

Laura Seabrook is an artist/writer/comicker, and tarot reader who is also an ordained priestess of the Maetreum of Cybele.

Jackson has been involved in the LGBTIQ community both on a personal and a professional level for the past 10 years. He is a community organiser in queer and transgender communities and has worked within collectives and organizations in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland on projects around consent and sexual assault issues, transgender issues and transgender community building, self defence, peer-counselling, harm reduction, and community consciousness raising.